About me

I’m Ryan Adam and I currently work as a Software Engineer for JPMorgan Chase in Glasgow.

Originally I am from and grew up in Kirkcaldy, Scotland (known for being the home of both Adam Smith & Linoleum), before spending 4 years in Edinburgh studying Computer Science at Heriot Watt University.

I graduated from Heriot Watt with 1st Class Honours in 2015 in BSc Computer Science and then moved to Glasgow to take up a role on the Technology Analyst Program with JPMorgan Chase.

I’ve been there ever since, making Glasgow my home and still trying to adjust to being an adult (have having free time.) After renting for 3 years I finally stepped onto the housing ladder and bought my first flat in the city - so head first into DIY and finally being able to hammer a nail into a wall.

At work I’m mainly working in Full Stack development across the firm, focusing on Java, Golang and other things in-between including infrastructure as code and CI/CD. Currently I’m involved in working to develop ways to move things running on AWS and Kubernetes while also developing resources for other developers to use (be it guides, labs or talks). I also co-lead a Mental Health group at work, something I do care about personally and wish I understood sooner than I.

At home I’m mostly doing things with Docker (I run Unraid with Docker as a media server), a bit of IoT (between SmartThings, Home Assistant and Google Home) and trying to get my photos organised (now done by a custom built golang app). I do pretend to do sys-admin stuff at home (I run AdGuard on 2 Raspberry Pi’s and spend too much time playing with Ansible) but now I just want things to work when I get home from work.

Away from technology I’m a Season Pass Holder for Scottish Rugby home internationals at Murrayfield, enjoy making fresh pasta from scratch, baking the odd thing when its Bake Off season, go Climbing (bouldering) at least once a week now and exploring new places (although everyone my age says that).