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Lockdown finally turned me into a film watcher

So it has been a running joke between my friends over the years I have led a very sheltered life when it comes to seeing films.

After realising that I had not seen any of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or Matrix films up to that point, my friends in Class of 2011 gave me a crowdsourced list of “Films Ryan Should see” before we all left and went off our different ways to Uni and the like.

Fast forward a good couple of years and when I lived west of the West End before buying my own place, I did go a couple of times to catch the 9PM Saturday Night showing of something at the Odeon at Braehead. It was mostly quiet, I was 7 minutes from where I lived and it felt ‘correct’. Saturday Night at the Movies, it has somesort of a 60s Americana to it that somehow screams to me “This is an event”.

So - fast forward to 2020, where everyone spent alot more time at home and after Saturday night TV dried up to a shadown of it former self, I thought “It was time to maybe start working though some of these films I have always been wanting to see”. And considering there was nothing else to watch then the bar for chosing what to watch was gone.

So since then, that has been my Saturday Night - usually pick a film, kill the lights, get out the Galaxy Minstrals, Soundbar on and just loose myself in the plot for 2 hours or so. Even after lockdown, I’ve kept going with it as its something I enjoy. Some films I am glad to have spent the time to watch - others not so much.

When I was at the cinema previously, I would usually put up a couple of tweets to say “Go out or avoid this film at the cinema”, or “Its good but wait until you can see it for little cost” if I felt the film justified it (either way). No massive film review - more of letting people know if they should drop the cash for cinema ticket or now.

Anyway - if anyone familar with my Twitter feed will know, I kept this up also through Lockdown. Thumbs up were given to Plup Fiction and Spotlight, thumbs down to others.

Which comes to why I wrote this - if any of this seems remotly intresting to you then you see everything I’ve written (and I can find) on Letterboxd. Giving a rating is the exception than the norm, but you can get the idea.

Published Sep 19, 2021

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