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Its the Winter Olympics

Its Winter Olympics time!

Yes, only 180 since the last Olympics, is time again for the best in Winter International sport to take over the overnight slot on BBC One.

So here is my initial thoughts going in for events:

  • Curling is a must watch as its calm, controlled and Team GB have a hope in hell of doing well in it. I fully expect I will be shouting “SWEEP” at the TV by the time of the Gold Medal match

  • Ski Cross / most Freestyle Skiing events: This is just pure insanity, and like the new sports at Tokyo 2020 it is fantastic to watch. Snowboarding by extension also

  • Bobsleigh (Jamaica is back), Skeleton & Luge also as they are again on the cusp of “Please don’t try this at home”

  • Ice Hockey is a tossup this year as the NFL players are staying home due to they leagues own COVID related issues and delays. Canada / USA may still do though.

  • I’m not a fan of Figure Skating, so I may take a swerve on that.

  • Yet I’m fully expecting to be surprised at some things and other sports not mentioned here. The new single / mixed events look interesting.

And if I had a support a country?

  1. Great Britain / Team GB as well, I live here. If they are out / not participating/ etc:

  2. Jamaica (if in the Bobsleigh). Two words: Cool Runnings

    1. (I know its a film, its fictional - but come on!)
  3. Australia - as the only place they get snow is the Snowy Mountains. They are underdogs here so you have to love them (although very lucky in the past).

  4. Then onto Countries that have a chance to do well: Canada, the Nordics, etc. Give me a reach to seem interested in why X should this (e.g. New World Record) and I can be convinced.

I’m not as invested into the Winter Olympics than the Summer Olympics - but lets see if that statement holds up when the flame gets extinguished later this month.

Published Feb 4, 2022

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